Custom Live Ubuntu

This blog is about making a live CD/DVD from the main system on your hard drive. This is useful if you want to build a clean live CD, or if you want to build a minimal rescue CD. We used it to create a beginner friendly wargame to introduce Linux to everyone. The theame was similar to that of Bandit with very elementary Linux commands and only 11 levels. [Read More]

First Golang Meetup

Saturday 21-July-2018, was the first meetup of Gurgaon Golang meetup and also my first Golang meetup. Organised at Grofers Headquater, Gurgaon for all the gophers in Delhi-NCR. Group Photo Everybody was already half way through the Q/A session when I reached (I was late). Kasisnu was giving a demo of an exercise from the Go book (TCP server that periodically writes the time). You can read the source code of the Exercise from here. [Read More]

Github + Hugo = Beautiful Blogs

I built this blog using Github pages, Hugo and the beautifulhugo theme. The most amazing part is that it’s free, minimalist, uses Markdown and you can get it running in no time! Also Hugo comes with Live-Reload enabled so you can simultaneously see the changes you make in your website. Here’s a short tutorial on how I made this blog. Let’s get started! Note: If you are not interested to do the setup yourself, simply fork my repo and make the changes to include your details. [Read More]