Hi, My name is Vaibhav Kaushik and I live in Alwar, Rajasthan. I am an SRE in Salesforce. My hobbies are automation & scripting day to day task on Computer. I have been fascinated by computers ever since I was young when I used to crack various games and show steganography tricks to friends.

I am a computer science student by education. I used unix for the very first time in 2013 in my high school. That was the very first time that I learned to used Desktop Sharing and other freedom that linux give for fun & loved it.

I have a knack for tooling rather that programming. I always prefer performance over features. I prefer soft rock over EDM.

I am a vimmer. I always use bash.

This blog is used not only to catalogue projects that I work on but also to serve as a journal for my more long-form thoughts on FLOSS culture and life.