It’s been over one year since I last made a blogpost and to be very honest I have been procrastinating a lot on writing blog, writing code or even reading about new things. This might be the drawback of getting a job, or maybe so much of pressure to get a job in the first place. I’ve been in the same room for more than a month now, it’s lockdown period and I’m trying to improve some of my habits. After reading Atomic Habit. So here’s a small summary of what changed.

vaibhavk -> vnzongzna

I started Go Tour earlier this week to get my grip on golang again, it’s been more than 1 year since I have written any significant piece of code in go.

I always had to face this struggle to get a username that is unique, simple and belongs only to me. For a lot of people it’s not a big deal to have different but for a lot people it is a big deal. I have changed my alias from homuncculus to vaibhavk to something to something else. On linkedin, github, gitlab, stackoverflow, twitter it’s all different and I hate that.

While going through go tour I came on Exercise: rot13reader which asked us to write a simple Read method for rot13Reader. The problem wasn’t hard, you can find the solution I wrote here. I started reading about rot13 on wikipedia just to know the background of this cipher when I came across “It is used to hide potentially offensive jokes, or to obscure an answer to a puzzle or other spoiler”. I got an idea. I have always been a big fan of batman since the age 12. I had tried my very first username to be batman, then iambatman then some other worthless tries. It’s been 8 years since then and I don’t have a single username associated with batman so it was time :). I choose iambatman as the input to rot13reader and BAM!, I have a new username vnzongzna which isn’t used anywhere else, no search result on google, github, linkedin anywhere. I finally found my place on in this vast space. So I changed username of all my accounts to vnzongzna.

It’s not a very big thing but means a lot to me to have my own space in this internet. Peace.